Hey fashionistas, this spring 2018 Jijjy’s Maison visited one of UK’s glorious vintage fashion events, that is Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair. And why not; it was fashion week, have you ever heard of or attended this event?

This the brains behind this genius master plan is Savitri Coleman;


Image: Savitri Coleman Pinterest

she is an award-winning event’s organizer, and with her excellent intelligence in fashion and advertising, in 2009, she founded this acclaimed vintage fashion fair.

Clerkenwell vintage fashion fair runs approximately 7 events per year in different locations in London city. The event show cases 50 traders and curators of vintage fashion accessories from around the globe. The collections ranges from 1800s to 1980s high quality fashion pieces. These pieces can include designer names such as channel, Gaultier, Saville Row YSL and many others.

This year’s event which is usually in Shoreditch, was held in the beautiful Covent Garden, bringing the vibrant east London scene to west London.

Clerkenwell vintage fashion fair is not only a fashion trading event, it is a fashion experience. This was SO evident when first thing you notice when walking in is friendly, smiling excited faces of customers and traders, everyone was freely chatting and having such a good time which is rare in today’s London’s climate, no seriously. 😀 .


I made a point of sharing this exciting day out, with my girlfriends who have never heard of these types of event.  We got the entrance of the Freemason Hall at Covent Garden and the first thing we encountered apart from the lovely people, was a sea of colorful beautiful fashion accessories as well as clothing made of luxurious fabrics such as organza, silks, wools, satins, embroidered, cashmeres. ….. the list is endless.





We spotted beautiful girls walking round the event in stunning full period 1940s/50s makeover; pièce de résistance was, stylist to assist vintage enthusiasts with styling.

Look out for the next Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Spring Fair on April 22nd, 2018; share the experience with family, friends for a thrilling spring day out.


African Market @ Old Spitafield Market

The Old Spitafield Market is one of my favourite markets in London. Its has been open since 1638. At the time, East London was part of the rural area. As the population grew, Charles the II re-established the market in 1682.

It was the last Bank Holiday weekend of the year, Summer is slowly coming to end, still, the sun is smiling down on us. This was the day of the Sensational African Market everything inspired by the pulsating African culture; Old Spitafield Market was show casing a selection of the most talented African designers,

Shoppers were spoilt for choice with original and ethical fashion, accessories, jewellery, not forgetting arts and crafts, home-ware, natural beauty products and the list goes on and on. All I can say is -do not miss the next event. I know I won’t.


Goba World UK
Hand Made African Dolls
Bakery by Ether

Enticing African Paintings and seasonal Cards from South Africa
Sights and Sounds of Africa 🙂

Coming soon is The Black Market and Film Festival (click) for more information

The Old Artistry Launch Party

The Old Artistry launch event was held on the 15th June 2013 at the stores address in woodstreet market, Walthamstow. Champaign and Afternoon Tea, I have to stress on the scrumptious Tea Cakes- Ultimate indulgence.

I was very happy to receive an invite to the launch- from the lovely Lucy and it was a pleasure to join her fans in making this day happen as well as see her Art work up close- Refreshing.

The Launch:

The Old Artistry is a vintage/antiques goods boutique, where she also creates and sells her exhilarating Masterpieces. Lucy’s art work is what reels you in when passing the boutique. She describes her artwork as New age watercolours of tattoos or tattooed individuals, mainly Victorian- Lucy is drawn by how controversial the image comes across. Her talent is both extensible and adventurers.
Lucy’s passion for drawing started at a very young age, as she grow up her talent greatly excelled. When I asked her what inspires her when drawing, she articulated: “my inspiration derives from my love of tattoos which in mainstream living still has a stigma attached to it. I don’t think in my lifetime tattoos will ever be considered by the generic public as Art, but more of a lifestyle“. Lucy’s Concept is to take the aesthetic of  tattoos to a middle class audience and when framed and displayed- it will actually be seen as fine Art.
Lucy TrueLove- The Artist behind the Masterpieces
Ninety nine percent of Lucy’s art comes from imagination, as a clients you are able to commission her to create a bespoke Art works, Indian Crafted Paper of the highest quality, water colours pen and ink are her mediums. Other Art Materials can be used to match clients requirements to create high standard timeless pieces.
Portrait of Amy Wine House
Lucy’s Art has developed exceedingly over the years; after exploring so many mediums and subjects she is  pleased with her work and is still seeking new inspirations.
What does Lucy enjoy most about her work? she loves how she has been able to take a medium which is generally used to create waves of colourful watermarks and used it in the opposite way. The launch of The Old Artistry was a way of telling the world who The Old Artistry are, what they do, share their Beautiful Art with the world as well as celebrate its birth.
I asked Lucy what the future holds for The Old Artistry:– she envisages  the Vintage, Antique and Art Boutique- growing as a commercial outfit; they are currently designing a clothes brand to be sourced by British manufacturers, contributing in improving the British economy is a subject she is passionate about.
What does One do in their spare time? Socialising, Dinners and visiting Vintage cafes- she says. Lucy feels she should have been born in Italy, she loves their way of life, their food, and the people. I’m with her on that one. One of her life’s motto is stop, look around and appreciate the beauty around us. I believe so to.
Check out The Old Artistry

Dior’s Wonderland at Harrods

As Fashionistas out there know that this year April Dior took over the whole of Harrod’s 4th floor. Dior was known to nourish a love for England from a very young age. His passion for British elegance stayed him for ever- this was expressed beautifully at the pop up Dior  exhibition in Harrods.

Fourth floor of Harrods department store was transformed into Dior Wonderland, showcasing dresses worn in the past by Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn. Miniature versions of famous land marks were present and videos explaining the concept behind the brands campaign. As you enter the exhibition first thing you encounter is this huge vintage style doll house; when you peek through it find that there are little apartments furnished with lovely french style furniture as well as Dior perfume bottles.

Worn by Aurdrey Hepburn in 1959 for Harper’s Bazaar

Worn ny Elizabeth Taylor in 1961 at the Academy Awards

And that wasnt all, the piece de resistance was the miniature theater- (a representation of one previously set up by Harrods in 1953); on it were not less that 40 or Dior’s vintage Haut Couture’s most celebrated gowns.delightfully tell the history of the legendary couture house.

Diors Miniature Haut Couture Silhouettes
Minitature Theater
More Of Dior’s Miniature Haut Couture Gowns

The BarBooty Experience at the Haberdashery

Friday 7th 2013 was a Bar-boot affair at The charming Haberdashery, down at Crouch-end north London. First time i heard about the haberdashery was on twitter, naturally i did some digging on google and found that- the charming vintage coffee shop was actually down the road from me-  Fab;

Haberdashery have also been awarded the best coffee shop, best caffeine fix by Grazia, Uks 50 best cheap eats, and top 4 lazy Sunday spots. I just loved the feeling i had when i was there. Reminded me of a cozy and charming local country cafes i visit when i go Hiking.

Haberdashery Cafe

Noticed they had quite a few events coming up. One of them being the Bar-Boot sale which i wasn’t going to miss- due to my other healthy obsession with vintage hunts. So i grabbed one of my family members and headed there. As we walked towards crouchends’s middle lane we noticed a small crowd of people under a hood awning, this was it- we eagerly joined the haberdashery cavalry.

It was nice mingling with other vintage relics- sharing important vintage opinions as well as grabbing a bargains. you were guaranteed to find anything in the small venue- pre-loved furniture, silver plated teapots, vintage clothes and jewellery.

In between grabbing bargain and blending in we indulged ourselves with Haberdashery’s irresistible cocktails. As you already know i’m an avid collector of vintage tea-sets and teacups, i did manage to find some lovely pieces.

Performing at the Bar-booty event was a Band of talented young lads called “The Carraways” from Muswell hill- who were tearing the venue down with some  skiffle-rock and roll anthems. Certainly a Bar-boot sale with a difference, not to mention i haven’t been to one quite like this one.

The Carraways Band

FYI- The HaberDash (i know call it) hosts the Bar-booties once a month so look out for them or just pop in for afternoon tea and check the place out. xoxo

Vintage Fashion Event: Hammersmith Town Hall

The vintage Fashion event was held at the Hammersmith Town Hall on Sunday 19thMay 2013: I hurried there after the car-booty at Battersea Park; missing this event was not an option.

So much choice in this event compared to the Alexandra palace vintage fair, in terms of fashion and accessories. Fur coats, Vintage jeweler, 1920s-30s handbags, vintage lace fabrics. I was excited to find a vintage Mary Quant’s dress . Mary Quant was the legendary London designer who brought about the Miniskirt and Hot-pants style. If you like Minis and Hot pants i can imagine you thinking (Aaahh God Sent).

The Legendary Mary Quant Dress

I spotted this exquisite late 1930s vintage cashmere evening coat- , beautifully padded shoulders with small waist and wide hemline:

1930s Vintage Cashmere Evening Coat

I would love to share with you, on different posts,- the stores or individuals selling, hiring clothes/costumes around London. I met quite a few of these lovely people at there and it was just nice to have a chat. For some- collecting Vintage clothes is a passion and the event was giving them the opportunity to share their collection with the public and of course make a few sales.

Images from event: 
1980 Velvet and Fur Dress
Gorgeous 1920s Sequinned evening dress

1940-50s leather snake print handbag
1920-30s Fur Coat

Exquisite 1920s Red shoes with detailing


Vintage Hunt at Battersea Park

Yesterday (sunday) was such a beautiful day,  -warm weather, sunshine, good moods all around. Woke up full of energy and was looking forward to going to the Battersea Park Car Booty. It was my first time there: I have always been loyal to my regular car-booties, but the change paid off because there was lots of amazing items

Firstly what you need to know when you get there is the queue outside the gate. I tell you this car-booty is popular. All I can say is thank God it wasn’t raining, whilst queuing, I saw  a man crossing the road with a gorgeous round vintage mirror, and I was thinking damn – all the good stuff will be gone by the time I get in there. 

Queue starts moving and we are in there in no time-; I spotted my first item on the first stand and chiching- into my bag it went.
Prices were dearer at the Battersea car-booty compared to the ones I regularly visit, at the same time there were some amazing items on sale and you have opportunities to bargain. There you will find range of items, from vintage chanel dresses, Christian Laboutine shoes to Aynsley vintage Tea-sets, Paintings, Vintage Books etc…


French Porcelain

It is such a good atmosphere in there, if you get hungry there is a guy selling tasty fresh homemade cakes, cookies, bread, so you can refuel in the middle or after all the bargaining, chatting and shopping.

Mouth Watering Snacks to refuel after all the energy used Vintage Hunting


Gorgeous Gold olour Cutlery and lovely vintage Light pendants

Beautiful Painting that would suit the Kitchen

A vintage Conway 1950s Camera which is an amazing find for those interested in Antique Cameras and Pretty vintage cutlery Set.