Quest For Nostalgic Titillation At UK’s Best Vintage Fair

A Pop-up vintage and IACF (International Antiques and Collectibles Fair) affair at Alexandra Palace.

Its February and I am glad things are starting to pick up. It is all too much too soon, cannot be in three to four places at once and I like it. A sign that 2018 will be positively buzzing.

I was excited to attend the 2018 Antiques, Vintage and Collectibles Fair at Alexandra palace. This jewel of an event was organised by the, three times voted- best London vintage fair- Pop up vintage; and UK’s largest antiques event – IACF. Event took place at the iconic Alexandra palace in north London.

It is the second time I am attending this famous event (post) and to honest, I was not disappointed. I like to collect unique interior pieces for my future loving and beautiful home, also, as my sibling has managed to secure one I was excited to explore what was available and cannot wait to help with the interior decor. Collecting vintage pieces is also a hobby of mine.

Spotted a Star Collectible

One of my Favorite piece I brought back to add to my collection, was this pretty Vintage tea cup set which I bought from a warm and fatherly gentleman and his lovely wife. If you attend next London antiques fair ask for Lez and Mary’s stall. History on teacup collectible

Vintage 1940s Teacup

Name of this tea cup set is unknown to me. I have spotted the exact design in at least 3 period TV series and movie; Victoria, The paradise and if I am not mistaken- Darkest hour. when I saw it I had to have it. Let me know if you spotted it in other films

As a vintage fashion fan, I was also on the look out this year for some lovely unique nostalgic styles to vamp up my wardrobe.

Highlights of available items:

Whether you are an avid collector, antique enthusiast or just curious, there is no way you would have left empty handed. The hall was packed with sellers and collectors trading antiques and vintage pieces from as early as 1920s to the retro 1970s and 80s.

For the vintage fashion addicts:

1940s Frenchvintagehat

Mustard wool mohair 1940s French Vintage hat (Popupvintage/IACF fair)

vintageshoes 1

1930s Ladies vintage tweed shoes (Popupvintage/IACF fair)

French vintage hat

Maroon wool mohair 1940s French Vintage hat (Popupvintage/IACF fair)

retro shoes

Purple snake skin womens Retro vintage shoes (Popupvintage/IACF fair)

For the vintage interior enthusiast

Antique stool

Where there is antiques and vintage, beautifully handmade items are not far away. Like this stunning handmade rugs from Valuable Rugs- who are located in Cricklewood northwest London.

Valuable Rugs 2

Handmade silk rug from valuable rugs

Valuable rugs Ltd

Handmade rug from valuable rugs

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VIntage Planter

Pretty little vintage cycle in white, A decorative planter. (Popupvintage/IACF fair). Makes a garden look really pretty. Gardening ideas

Many more antique, vintage, and other fun fairs coming up throughout the year around the country. Have a look at Upcoming events.

Below are some charming vintage style home lightings made by J.A.M.S Ironworks which caught my eye. I arrived at the stall just in time for a mini presentation by the lovely wife of Andrew- the man behind the master pieces. Each piece is one of a kind; all recreated/upcycled using genuin antique and vintage parts. Exquisite interior pieces.


For the Zealous collectors

Gold AntiqueTea Box

Collectors Pure Crystal Glasses

Antique and vintage fairs are a great fun day out for friends or family. If you are looking for unique one of a kind items to glamorize your home, the fairs never fall short.

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Caters Collectable UK

This Months Vintage Find is Carters Collectables. They specialize in vintage and antiques collectables, from Art, Books, Ceramics, Wooden Ware. Jewellery etc. Carters Collectables have items dating from 1920s to the 1980s filled with history and charm. Not only will you find Collectables, there are brilliant ideas for unique Gifts for any gender and occasions

I am always on the look out for collectables; this week I happened to be on the look out for some exclusive vintage jewellery to add to my small modest collection 🙂 Then I stumbled onto Carters Collectable Vintage Jewellery. Absolutely exquisite pieces to choose from with…. Free delivery…. Yes Free. Bracelets, Brooches, Necklaces and chains among other items all dating between 1940s to the retro 1980s. Carters Collectables Uk do own a website as well as an eBay market site from where you can browse and purchase their lovely collectable. Delivery to most countries world wide is possible depending on the item, so please free to contact seller for any questions who are very happy to help.
Below are a few of Carters Collectables Vintage Jewellery pieces found on their sites
Gold Tone Mounted Brooch Central Glass Stripped 1950s to 60s

Pierced Gold Tone Brooch 1950s to 60s

Gold Tone Metal Floral Brooch with Red Insets 1950s to 60s

Vintage Blue Glass Stone Brooch in Silvertone Mount

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Antique Crystal glass Decanter

This is beautiful unusually patterned cut glass decanter, it caught my eye the instance i walked in to the store. With its circular moulds the decanter differs from the usual diamond cut crystal decanters. It is a little heavy and stands at 36 cm in height and 16 cm at its widest.

The stunning footed crystal decanter has no markings. The circular cut pattern reminds me of the Richard and Hartley Flint opalescent glass- some of his creations have similar circular patterns.

Richard and Hartley Opalescent Glass Ca 1888

Difference is- with the decanter-its circular moulds are random and different in sizes unlike the R&H which has perfect rows.

This lovely piece is from Jane’s Attic- a lovely little vintage Store in Woodstreet market in the charming Antiques City Market, Walthamstow London. She Sells beautiful shabby chic furniture, among many other things.

Retonthenet Vintage Purveyor

This is my latest vintage / antique store find-  stocking absolutely amazing items for us- vintage lifestyle lovers. Retonthenet Vintage Purveyors are an Antique and Vintage retail company that specialises in products dating from 1880s to 1980s.

If you have a passion for collecting good quality Antiques or Vintage items then Retonthenet are The go To on-line company.

You’ll find exquisitely unique items for your homes. For great ideas on Antique or Vintage interior Deco pieces or furnishings you are guaranteed to find something on Retonthenet .

Antique Late 19th century Brass Mirror ,
candle holder Rd 18th Nov 1883  Lion Crest

Vintage Silver plated Tray Sheffield England
Vintage Ships Wheel Wood & Brass
Gischard of Germany circa 1950s

They are widely known purveyors of vintage and Antique Gifts- Any birthdays, wedding celebrations coming up? Or looking for a Thank You Gift for a family member, friend, Partner or colleague,- Retonthenet stocks Rare items for that special person/s.

Opera Glasses circa 1900s

Vintage Original Gola Exercise Hold Bag circa 1970s

1950s Cufflinks

Apple Perfume Bottle 1970s

Whatever your tastes- vintage purveyors are sure to have something for you,; from Vintage cars, Pottery& Porcelain, Silver plated items, furniture. Just surf by and see for yourself.  Order on-line and they will post it to your address, They have great posting package deals- Free delivery for purchases over £50 and competitive postage prices.

All products are unique once sold you will not find another quite like it. So hurry up and grab a bargain at Retonthenet

Art Deco Feigl & Moraweitx Libochovice Glass Vase circa 1930s

The Old Artistry Launch Party

The Old Artistry launch event was held on the 15th June 2013 at the stores address in woodstreet market, Walthamstow. Champaign and Afternoon Tea, I have to stress on the scrumptious Tea Cakes- Ultimate indulgence.

I was very happy to receive an invite to the launch- from the lovely Lucy and it was a pleasure to join her fans in making this day happen as well as see her Art work up close- Refreshing.

The Launch:

The Old Artistry is a vintage/antiques goods boutique, where she also creates and sells her exhilarating Masterpieces. Lucy’s art work is what reels you in when passing the boutique. She describes her artwork as New age watercolours of tattoos or tattooed individuals, mainly Victorian- Lucy is drawn by how controversial the image comes across. Her talent is both extensible and adventurers.
Lucy’s passion for drawing started at a very young age, as she grow up her talent greatly excelled. When I asked her what inspires her when drawing, she articulated: “my inspiration derives from my love of tattoos which in mainstream living still has a stigma attached to it. I don’t think in my lifetime tattoos will ever be considered by the generic public as Art, but more of a lifestyle“. Lucy’s Concept is to take the aesthetic of  tattoos to a middle class audience and when framed and displayed- it will actually be seen as fine Art.
Lucy TrueLove- The Artist behind the Masterpieces
Ninety nine percent of Lucy’s art comes from imagination, as a clients you are able to commission her to create a bespoke Art works, Indian Crafted Paper of the highest quality, water colours pen and ink are her mediums. Other Art Materials can be used to match clients requirements to create high standard timeless pieces.
Portrait of Amy Wine House
Lucy’s Art has developed exceedingly over the years; after exploring so many mediums and subjects she is  pleased with her work and is still seeking new inspirations.
What does Lucy enjoy most about her work? she loves how she has been able to take a medium which is generally used to create waves of colourful watermarks and used it in the opposite way. The launch of The Old Artistry was a way of telling the world who The Old Artistry are, what they do, share their Beautiful Art with the world as well as celebrate its birth.
I asked Lucy what the future holds for The Old Artistry:– she envisages  the Vintage, Antique and Art Boutique- growing as a commercial outfit; they are currently designing a clothes brand to be sourced by British manufacturers, contributing in improving the British economy is a subject she is passionate about.
What does One do in their spare time? Socialising, Dinners and visiting Vintage cafes- she says. Lucy feels she should have been born in Italy, she loves their way of life, their food, and the people. I’m with her on that one. One of her life’s motto is stop, look around and appreciate the beauty around us. I believe so to.
Check out The Old Artistry

Bewitching Louis Comfort Tiffany Necklace, ca. 1900

Latest News on the Antique world:- This exquisite Louis Comfort Tiffany Necklace ca 1900 was appraised between  $30,000 to 40,000 in Seattle, Washington, in the year 2012. The beautiful piece was appraised by a well know appraiser- Jill Burgum. It has been under the possession of the owner for 35 years, where it had been passed down from generation to generation.

Accompanying the necklace is a hand painted picture of the owner’s great grandmother who lived from 1864 to 1926 and is actually wearing the marvellous piece. It is believed that the necklace is dated between 1900 and 1908.

Louis Comfort Tiffany Necklace ca 1900 $30 to 40k

The piece has both a front and back elegance- with remarkable wearing. It’s adorned with a Black Opal in the center which makes it a very rare piece compared to the common white opals. surrounding the black opals are- green Russian demantoid garnets- also in its rare-rest form: In its element the necklace was valued between $8000 and $10,000; But Hold on, In additions, it happens to be a Tiffany piece- the craftsman ship is also awarded to Louis Comfort Tiffany who was renowned for his stained glass and headed up Tiffany Jewellery. With all this Ammo the value of the piece was Reved up to prices between $30,000 to $40,000. It is exquisite.

Breath taking Capo Di Monte Porcelain Vase

Old Capo de Monte big vase 11”/10”

I’d like to share with you a really beautiful antique find. If you are deep in the world of antique collecting then you have heard of Capo-Di-Monte; first established by king Charles III of Naples; the factory was in operation from 1743 to 1759.
When King Charles the III succeeded the throne of Spain, he left Naples; Operations were suspended between 1759 to 1771 but thanks to King Ferdinand IV the factory was re-established at Villa Reale at Portici. 1773 saw the move of the factory back to Naples where the state took control and supported it until 1807, sold the factory, then in 1821 it was closed.

Above is a stunning Old Capo Di Monte Big Vase that is going on sale at Antique and Collectibles for Sale

Its definitely a work of art. what caught my eye is the lavish attention to detail; the beautiful ornate carving and gold gilding, the intricate mould of a family enjoying themselves in the garden. The colours of their robes and the garden really bring life into the vase; especially the rich combination of the colours golds, purple, green and orange.
Other Capo Di Monte Collectible:
Capo Di Monte Tea/ Coffee Pot
Capo Di Monte Porcelain Vase 18″ set of 2

How to spot a genuine Capo Di Monte:

Look out for the Bourbon fleur de lis usually applied on the paste or painted in blue, sometimes in red or gold. This is also an indication that item was manufactured in the first period. The letter N sometimes with  or without a crown at the top- is from later periods- usually found in blue but can also be found in red. During the Portici period the Marks R,F, & “F,R,F” were used.
You will find that Modelled and applied figures are unmarked with a soft flesh tint. Ginori on the other hand is marked with a crowned “N” and the flesh tints appear flecked.