Timeless Boho Chic

Warning you better get your glasses on; it is about to get pretty, colorful, and cheery in here; It’s all about Boho chic people.

There is something about Bohemian style that tends to wake up my senses, from fashion to interiors. It so earthy, and for a girl who loves nature and all its glory, we all should not be surprised.

Bohemian aka Boho culture was started by the maligned perception of Bohemian aka Boho culture is that they are rebels and are against the bourgeoisie- middle class lifestyle. Known for loathing capitalism and are pro- collectivism. I associate Today’s Boho lifestyle with spirituality.

To cut the story short and leave the gravely bits a side, you have to love the earthy tones in the style. The mode really reminds me of beautiful colors and vibes from Africa like the famous Morocco, Kenya, or South Africa; Its easy to spot those earthy tones on South American prints as well.

Here is a quick glimpse:

Images credit: Word nomads, Muungano blog, Isuwanne blog, Culture trip.

My last holiday was in Kenya, where I visited the sunny, vibrant towns of Nairobi and Mombasa. The atmosphere there is addictive; so many places to tour. However, my trip would not be complete without a visit to the markets where I was able to haul some fabric treasures. My favourite market is the Masai market which moves around Nairobi on different days.

Image credit: Ninara / Flickr, Wikipedia

If you have read my other blogs sewing bees have a few cheeky habits. Another one is to ‘see fabric, buy fabric, think of project later’. Just like in my Traid charity shop visit!! This was me …

piled up with fabrics

Only went to get 4 types of fabrics, Max. Ps- the picture is a tard exaggerated, just think a quarter of that. Back to London, I was very excited to try out some ideas with the fabrics. So here we are, at a quick glance of the first batch I made , tell me what you think. I will add to this as I go along





Bohemian style interiors tend to be beautifully colourful and envokes feelings of comfort and happy moods. Have a look at this beautiful interiors from Harpers Bazaar and Atlantis Homes.

boho chic harpers bazaar top 20

Harpers Bazaar

I had a super delightful time making these. Let’s add to the fun, if it was a collection, what would you call it.


26 thoughts on “Timeless Boho Chic

  1. smarks6 says:

    I love Boho style! I love all the colors and different patterns, they are so magnificent and they do convey a sort of spiritual nature to them. Thank you for sharing the pictures and your thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • JIJJY'S MAISON says:

      Thank you Sara, brings happy hence positive vibes. Bohemians lifestyle in the long run is about free spirit, and nature, notice how some of the interiors involve seats and cushions on the ground- sort of relaxed spirit attitude 😀


  2. Bee says:

    You have the most beautiful creations and I absolutely love the pillows you created. I’ve always aspired to get into sewing and I got a good laugh reading your your “cheeky habit” to ‘see fabric, buy fabric, think of project later’ because I’m guilty of the same thing (but never actually get around to learning how to use a sewing machine)lol.
    Thanks for sharing and the inspiration 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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