Jijjy’s Personalized Cushions

Hey pals, what are you buying your loved ones this year? It’s been a long-awaited Christmas season? I am sure you have spotted many gifts options and offers around shops and online. I did not even realize that the sales had already started guys. Shopping mayhem is on its way.

Last year I remember thinking that I am bored of the same old cheezy gifts I keep buying for my cronies and my family. Question was, what unique, unexpected gifts can I find, for them, on their birthdays and Easter, baby showers, weddings oohh my goodness. The list is endless. I was tired of the usual pair of socks, hat, cheeky cup.

One of my friend’s birthdays was nigh; I was looking through the party pictures, and how much fun and laughs we have shared. I realised I would be sad if one day she decides to leave to another country for instance dues to career or go back to her family or even get married and move away.

Then it dawned on me, I could make something. Now for those of you who have watched friends season 6 episode 17, please don’t take you mind there, come back to the blog deary, as funny as that episode was.

Rachel and Phoebe sock bunny

Phoebe makes her Firends Sock bunny present 😀

It had to be something she will never leave behind and always remind her of her buddies and fun we shared.

As one does, I researched online; straight for some online shopping – much needed supplies y’all; and this is what I came up with.

CC8 copy copy

Jijjy’s Maison Customized Cushion

Since I love sewing and vintage lifestyle, it is no surprise that my design idea turned out to be the above.

It was one of my very first customed gift for a friend, but I have been perfecting the finish with each customised cushion I have given to each of my cronies. But I tell you what, I have loved making each and every cushion. All unique from the next. I do get surprised when they taken a back by the gift. This is what I tend to say “really? You actually like it, honestly?” smiley face. It runs through my mind that, maybe they say that since they are friends LOL.

This has motivated me to make more of them, and think of more innovative ideas for gifts along the way.

At this point I am still loving the ‘customized Jijjy’smaison-cosy-cushys’. My aunties, and siblings order for their friends, friends order for their work mates and family members. It has been all round fun.


One of cousins, our little beauty is all grown up and has been blessed with her Love, to get married in December. I am super excited to surprise them with one of my ‘customized Jijjysmaison-cosy-cushys’. Hoping the blessed couple really like it.

I will share a “how to” blog post to show you how I made this lovely gifts, and what materials I used on another blog post.

AND….Let me know what unique gifts you have made for your loved ones, even cheeky ones. In the past or present. It will be a good laugh.

Any queries, or if you would like a #jijjy’spersonalisedcushion for yourself or for a loved one, Email: jijjysmaison@gmail.com



Shabby Chic Interiors with a Retro touch

Oh my goodness, I found this beautiful -‘vintage chic french rose cotton linen fabric’, whilst shopping for my sewing accessories. You know that feeling when you spot the perfect beauty of a shoe and you leave the store without it? Then it plagues your mind all night day? That is the feeling us sewing bees get. Evidently it was not left behind.

Vintage Chic French Rose Butterfly Retro Cotton Linen Fabric

Purple, pinks and grey; some of the beautiful interior colors that are trending at the moment. Shabby chic interior style is another of my favourite interior looks. It has been  trending for years since its emergence. The vintage community has been coming up with chic and innovative recycling /upcycling ideas. Other interior designers caught the lovely bug and the trend evolved over the years. Its one of the most loved styles out there, inspired by the antique look.

The fabric pattern and colors already make a statement, but I wanted to challenge myself in terms of sewing as well as design. Let me know what you think, It would be lovely to read your views on them.


The shabby chic idea is to making furniture pieces look like they have been around for centuries, yet stylish, giving the feeling of nostalgia of the yester-years. It also involves restoring old furniture and giving it a new life, whilst still retaining the wear and tear.

In term of fashion and fabrics, its all about that classic look. The 1950s and over are termed as ‘Retro’. This is upcycling in style; trust me its all fun fun fun.

You might discover a few shabby chic styles; for instance- country shabby chic which has a cosy country cottage feel, and french shabby chic.

L: Country cottage shabby chic R: French shabby chic

I find that when I constantly redefine my interior style from time to time or add a few pieces to vamp up the look can be exciting and gives that fun, playful and positive vibe especially in a repetitive rat race world. Imagine its end of Christmas and a new year is neigh; that hollow empty feeling at end of the festivities, creeps in. Setting your self some new goals, re-inventing oneself, gives you that positive vibe, something to look forward to; like an unbroken chain of excitement.

A few ideas I had in mind for the cushions

The gorgeous green side dresser and the stunning wall clock are examples of upcycled lovely pieces of shabby chic furniture from Fifi’s Furniture.

With Christmas round the corner I decided to use the fabrics, to make friends and family some lovely gifts. Of course I end up keeping some for myself; additions to my deco piece collections. I usually make the gifts depending on the individuals personality; as you might figure out, I have in mind who is going to benefit from these gifts.

There are quite a few vintage fairs coming up this season 2017 that I am looking forward to. I am hoping to find some vintage or antique pieces to add to my collection. You could also give them a try and see if the experience might spark a new hobby for 2018. You never know…..

One of my favorite Shabby chic recommendations:

Clock and Side dresser from –

fifis furniture

Get your hands on similar cushions by clicking on this link:

ebay logo



Jijjy’s Maison Nomination for Blogger Recognition Award

Bloggers recognition award

What a great surprise and encouragement, with my birthday just round the corner. It feels humbling to know that my blog is able to provide happy vibes and creative inspiration to those who read it.

A warm hug and lots of blessings and success for VERKIL who nominated my blog for this award. The award exhilarates me to be more innovative as well as share more of my knowledge and creations with others. Head over to Verkil blog and see her beautiful work.  Sending you a tonne of blessings Jennifer Osuji for enjoying my blog.

Origin of Jijjy’s Maison

It was a therapeutic hobby collecting unique vintage or antique items, upcycling pieces of vintage furniture as well as sewing. After a break up and ill health I purposely found an empty studio filled it up with my creations. I project I enjoyed above ferrero rochers. Those addicted to them will understand what I mean.

In 2013 I thought it would be great to find others out there with the same sentiments as well as share my finds or creations from anywhere in the world. I also enjoyed learning from them and supporting each other through sharing our work.  This was cut short when I pursued a career in finance which I completed successfully, however; evidently I turned back to what I love most. I have returned full force, continuing where I left off sharing my sewing and upcycling projects, collectible finds and sharing my vintage, antique and handmade friends beautiful work along the way.

Apart from just the pretty items and nostalgia, this is my opportunity to demonstrate my support for recycling and protecting our environment in a beautiful and fun manner.

Guide to Aspiring Bloggers:

As a semi-newbie, these are my two cents on blogging and I will bestow to others with pleasure. Be real with yourself and be ready to invest time and dedication to your blog projects. This allows you the passion needed and enables you to explore your talents further helping you to evolve and join other experts in your niche.

Social media is your best friend in terms of marketing your blog. Here you get to sample snipets of your blog to potential followers and reel them in; it allows you to really engage with your audience. Be ready to put in some grit; hard work really pays and since its something you enjoy, it will be a joyous journey.

In the beginning all I had was my laptop, phone camera, a few simple DIY tools and a really vintage sewing machine. When you are ready you can start investing in some superior tools and equipment.

I feel my is starting to improve; I moved from blogger to WordPress after contributing in a WordPress finance blog; I preferred the features and the look. I feel that I am ready to transitioning from free hosting to paid. Choose a  hosting company that will suit your needs. It helps improve your SEOs and increase traffic or sales.  I will highly recommend after you get the hang of things. It gives you a more professional image especially if you plan to turn your work into a business.

Try to ensure your blog is readable, delightful and positively inspiring before hitting that publish button. Make your followers want to stay as well as recommend you to others.

Wishing you all the best in your blogs and projects

Bloggers Recognition Award Nominees

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Ellen Tran : Zyra kuma

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Participation rules for the Blogger Recognition Award:

  1. Write a short post about your award and in it:-
    • Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog
    • Tell a brief story about how you started your blog.
    • Provide two pieces of advice for aspiring bloggers
  2. Choose 10 other bloggers to nominate.
  3. comment on each of the 10 blogs notifying them of the nomination. Ensure you provide a link to your award post.

Winner of the Bloggers Recognition Award 


Ellen Tran: Zyra Kuma

Bloggers recognition award




Cosy Log Cabin Interior ideas

Do you have a cosy interior style dream for your home that you wish you could come back to after a hard days work?

willow farm 1

Willow Farm, Image: Cool places.co uk

In my case it would have to be the log cabin look. This affinity started after an exciting hiking trip to Hadrian’s wall where my friends and I stayed at the lovely Willow Ford Farm .

Including a weekend in Brecon beacon where we slumbered each day in the  charming Log-cabin-esq cottage – the Wern Watkin after long walks and tours.

wern watkins 1

Wern Watkin, Image: Bland photography.co.uk

I loved the earthy bare wooden walls and interior. Remarkably tranquil and surrounded by endless green space. These cottages gave me the feeling of staying in a log cabin surrounded by nature away from the buzz of the city.

First thing that comes to mind when I see a log cabin is an avid traveler staying at a stunning cabin in the romantic snowy mountains in Scotland, Switzerland, or Canada. Picture yourself sheltered in an all wood cosy interior, warm fire with the smell of burning wood, comfy soft cushions and hot cup of Earl grey tea or mulled wine, away from the noisy city. NO internet (eerrmm we can take a reign check on that).

Perhaps, to quench my yearning for Log Cabins, I could book myself into a cabin holiday like Wingbury Farm Glamping  and immerse myself in the romantic earthy interiors.

In the mean time there is the options getting rich and buying a log cabin as a holiday home or  transforming your home into something similar.

Have a look at some of my favorite Log cabin interior designs.



The exposed wooden beams and stone walls conjure up the natural environment of trees and the mountains surrounding the cabin.

A few gorgeous interior pieces that would complement the cabin look:



Antique Pink chair: From Antiques atlas

Handmade rug: From Design emporium

Antique Cream chair : From Antiques atlas

Atlas Cushions: Jijjy’s Maison Handmade designs

Brown leather chair; Vintage french

Chunky knit blanket: From Calaways Gallery

Vintage suitcase: Evieb young at heart



Reeled into the Trending Traid

Traid shop Hsmith copy 2

Image: Traid

As you will notice from reading my blogs I have a soft spot for vintage, upcycling, repurposing, reworks and the lot. Today was one of those days I decided to go vintage hunting. On route I was distracted by Traid; they are a charity shop passionate about reducing waste, carbon emissions and consumption.

Their highlight is, their aim to enhance working environments and systems in the textile industry. In addition, they educate the public on the knock-on effects of these industries on the environment. We all should play our part by making sustainable decisions.

But of course, I did not notice the huge sale signs on the windows. You know how it feels like when you get into a shop with sales and you can barely get to the clothes dues to the stampede of fellow customers? Thank God It was mid-week; imagine a relaxed shopping browse ooh yes.  Whilst riffling through, just from the corner of my eye I spotted this luxurious purple velvet sticking out from the rail on my left.

traid shop 3

Image: Time Out

Walked over to it, my heart racing, I pulled it out and noticed it was a pair of large gorgeous velvet curtain fabric; checked the price and couldn’t believe the bargain. Then I noticed more pieces on the rail; as we all do, I piled on a mound on my skinny arm hobbling to the counter, the chatty assistant looking amused and supportive folded the items neatly, tallied my receipt and I was out of there before I could change my mind.

Note that these fabrics go for 3 to 4 times the price per meter in the shops. I was super excited to get more than a meter for ¼ the price per meter. On route, in the train, on my way home mind was racing with ideas. As I was staring into empty space smiling I realised this guy staring at me assuming I was smiling and smitten by him or something. In my head I was thinking “no love, I have with me some lovely fabric that I cannot wait to sew”.

traid Visit 1 copy

Image: Jijjy’s Maison

Time to get creative; looking forward to sharing with you some ‘Produit Fini’, and you can let me know what you think.

Also, just want to let you know that Traid as a charity- believe in Zero waste and their projects ensure just that. They have over 1500 charity clothes banks which they turn into beautiful sale items. They are in 191 boroughs and districts in the UK.