My Top Four Dazzling Vintage Hand Made Accessories

I can imagine how much jewellery each woman has in their jewellery box, For any Fashion conscious individual, jewellery and accessories have to complete the whole look one is tying to achieve. Whilst in the train one morning, on my way to work, I spotted another woman with the exact, same +Dorothy Perkins ear rings I was wearing. I mean, don’t get me wrong- they were really pretty- but it does kill the sense of style individuality. Its like we are all wearing some kind of uniform

We all shop in the same shops follow the same trends, when I put together my fashion pieces, and I am out there in the streets. It really does feel like we are all wearing a sort uniform. You can not go wrong with handmade vintage accessories, they have been lovingly hand crafted and many of them are usually one- offs, no danger of seeing your exe’s new girl friend with a similar piece ever.  Below are my top 4 favourite Handmade jewellery/accessories designers, There designs are so uniquely beautiful and with a vintage touch. I hope they also take your breath away.

A Curious Fairy Tale
Stunning Vintage and Retro inspired Jewellery

Black Acrylic Art Deco Style Collar Necklace
Gold Stone Wonderland Necklace

Vintage Lilly Makes
Gorgeous bow ties, collars, capes and shawls from Tweed and Fur

Pretty Tweed collar in Brown
Pretty  Lace & Tweed collar Black Chevron
Vintage Inspired Tweed Cape

Bijou Junkie
Exquisite and Unique reloved one off treasures

Bijou Ada
Bijou Magdeline
Bijou Flossie

Just when you thought it can;t get better than all this, here comes

Alluring Vintage and Hand crafted jewellery with found pieces from many different periods through time.
upcycled with 1950s watch face
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To find other handmade jewellery and accessories visit: Etsy Craft fairs, UK Craft Fairs or HandmadeHour on twitter to find more amazing designers of handmade jewellery


Ingenious & Wonderful Vintage Reworks

Hunting for beautiful and rare Vintage, Antiques, Reworks and unique Handmade items is something I really enjoy. There are amazing, products out there, I find that I have to control myself to avoid turning this hobby into an obsession and end up looking like a hoarder.

During my search I have come across some  wonderful ingenious creations. I’ would like to share with you the few of my of favourite. Please share, comment if you know a few others.

Here are some examples from Upcycling Emporium :
They sell cleverly restored and reworked Vintage furniture.

old wooden trunk
is now a stunning coffee table with storage!
 old, tired and useless cupboard door.
now an awesome chalkboard

The Upcycling Emporium have other ingenious reworks which are great ideas for your vintage interior ideas. Just visit them on facebook or Etsy

Seating with style from Rescued Retro Vintage
They sell unique stylish one-off pieces of furniture and design lovingly and cleverly restored.

Beautiful and creative
60s Original Dunn and Co Crombie Tweed Woolen
Overcoat Covered Chair

This are definitely on-off pieces, because where else are you going to find this particular items but on Rescued Retro Vintage. To see more extraordinary pieces or to purchase Their amazing creations go to Etsy 

Unique Tea Experiences with Tipsy Tea Cups.
They found their inspiration after being served cocktails in similar teacups at a stylish hotel. This Tipsy Teacups are great for decoration or to serve champaign jelly dessert to guest in a very unique and stylish way. Also great for soups or any other types of starters.

Absolutely loved these designs when i first saw them, I had to share. To own your own Tipsy Tea Cups just visit Tipsy TeaCups website. You will also find other exquisite partterns to choose from.

Can my Bum fit in this Suitcase
Upcycled Seating by Recreate Very tastefully reworked vintage suitcase turned into a sofa

Beautifully Unique Blue vintage suitcase  sofa

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this amazing creations and do not forget to share JiJJy’s Maison.

Lovely Vintage Interior Pieces

I am whole heartedly in love with vintage Interiors, so its no surprise when I go crazy over them. Today I would like to share with you some amazing interior pieces ideas.

There is something special about hand made items, – the crafts man/woman has created each item with love and passion for their skill. each item is unique- one can’t help being reeled in by the charm.

Personalised Wall Mounts from Duck Egg

Duck Egg Personalised Name wooden Mounts

Pictures, paintings or wall paper are a brilliant way of decorating your walls.  I love this gorgeous wooded wall mount from Duck Egg – really pretty for little babies room, its a different and unique way of wall decorating. Duck Egg also create bespoke signs to suit your tastes or type of room; each item is lovingly crafted and still in keeping with Duck Egg’s vintage style and design.

Personalised Toy Boxes
Duck egg also design personalised Toy boxes, cosy throws & blankets to complete that vintage interior look.
Personalised Cushions from Liberty Rose Vintage & Hand Made
Cushions give any home that relaxed, warm cozy feeling. whether its in the living room or bedrooms. Cushions can also be used to decorate any style interiors. I found this charming vintage hand made shop that specialise in lovingly hand-made and restored items. They sell really pretty vintage style personalised cushions for any part of the home. the cushions can also be used as gifts for loved ones; it could be wedding, anniversaries, birthdays or any other life’s special occasion.
One of my favourite was this:-
Personalised Cushions by Liberty Rose Vintage & Handmade

Liberty Rose Vintage & Handmade
Liberty Rose is situated in  the lovely little village of Wendover
In Buckinghamshire, 

To purchase on-line visit Liberty Rose on Etsy 

Storage baskets from Alexia Claire 

Its lovely to have a neat and tidy home where you know where everything is, especially if you have a very busy life. and you do not want to spend time looking for miss placed items around the house. Alexia Claire designs really pretty storage solutions for the small things around the house which still look very tasteful and in keeping with your vintage style theme.

Alexia Claire’s handmade & printed baskets.
Alexia’s baskets can be creatively used around the home to store the small items that can easily be miss place. They can be used to store your sewing kit, toys; they can also be used in the home office or even the kitchen. They can be transformed into pretty unique planters as well.
Other beautiful items  created by Alexia:
To Purchase Alexia’s Beautifully hand made items click here

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Caters Collectable UK

This Months Vintage Find is Carters Collectables. They specialize in vintage and antiques collectables, from Art, Books, Ceramics, Wooden Ware. Jewellery etc. Carters Collectables have items dating from 1920s to the 1980s filled with history and charm. Not only will you find Collectables, there are brilliant ideas for unique Gifts for any gender and occasions

I am always on the look out for collectables; this week I happened to be on the look out for some exclusive vintage jewellery to add to my small modest collection 🙂 Then I stumbled onto Carters Collectable Vintage Jewellery. Absolutely exquisite pieces to choose from with…. Free delivery…. Yes Free. Bracelets, Brooches, Necklaces and chains among other items all dating between 1940s to the retro 1980s. Carters Collectables Uk do own a website as well as an eBay market site from where you can browse and purchase their lovely collectable. Delivery to most countries world wide is possible depending on the item, so please free to contact seller for any questions who are very happy to help.
Below are a few of Carters Collectables Vintage Jewellery pieces found on their sites
Gold Tone Mounted Brooch Central Glass Stripped 1950s to 60s

Pierced Gold Tone Brooch 1950s to 60s

Gold Tone Metal Floral Brooch with Red Insets 1950s to 60s

Vintage Blue Glass Stone Brooch in Silvertone Mount

Check out full gallery on Facebook

The White Queen

The White Queen is a new captivating drama on BBC1; based on Philippa Gregory‘s best seller novel – “The Cousins’ War”. The new series is set in the intriguing epoch of the “Wars of the Roses”. The first episode graced our screens on the 16th of June 2013 leaving us hankering for more at the end of it.

In the year 1464 a war begins which lasts for 9 years; two families- House of York and House of Lancaster are in a bitter feud over who is the rightful owner to the throne of England. Three women (Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort, Anne Neville) with a thirst for power, as well, get tangled up in the webs of conflicts as cousins brawl for the throne of England.

Elizabeth Woodville, a widower and commoner catches the eye of King Edward the IV and rises to royalty when she is betrothed to the King and becoming Queen Elizabeth of England (The White Queen). King Edwards IV’s cousin- Richard Neville Earl of Warwick is appalled by this and plots to over throw the King. Elizabeth fights for the safety of her family; Her two sons are to be imprisoned in the tower; their mysterious disappearance baffles historians to this day.

Margaret Beaufort is the Red Queen- highly religious and will do anything to see her young son- Henry Tudor- take the throne.

Lady Anne Neville was the younger daughter Richard Neville, cousin to the king Earl of Warwick who was also nicknamed “The King Maker”. She was used to strengthen the alliance between her father and Margaret of Anjou during the dynastic civil war.

The White Queen is a Company Pictures Production- who are also behind dramas such as The devil’s whore, Einstein & Eddington, Elizabeth 1, The Village, Anna Karenina and Shameless)

The series was filmed in Bruges, Belgium where it is supported by BNP Paribas Fortis Film Fund who support Belgian’s Tax shelter, it is also supported by Belgian Broadcaster VRT. You can catch up with previous periods on BBC1