Hell on Wheels

Another amazing new Western TV series to get us glued on to our screens and do nothing else constructive, damn them. The Gripping tale is set in 1860- post American civil war; A confederation soldier’s beautiful wife is killed by Union soldiers, and he embarks on a quest of revenge.

The soldier ends up in a lawless, hell hole of a town called Nebraska; during the building of the transcontinental rail road- a project being headed by the Notorious Thomas Durant (acted by Colm Meaney). The project is in danger of being destroyed by the Cheyenne and Sioux tribes who are not happy that the rail road is being built on their land.

Thomas Durant Railroad Top Dog acted by Colm Meaney

Cullen Bohannon the soldier( acted by the Hunky Anson Mount), goes through a breakneck turn of events whilst on his mission to avenge his wife’s Murder.

“The Soldier” Cullen Bohannon acted by Anson Mount

The series was created by +Endemol France for American movie classics (AMC) the acclaimed production company  behind +Mad Men , +Breaking Bad and +Walking Dead .

Proudly- two British actors have taken the leading role; Irish actor Colm Meaney and +Dominique McElligot who acts as the sensitive but strong Lily Bell – who’s husband was killed by the Cheyenne tribes during a ride in their camp.

Lily Bell acted by Dominique McElligott

Hell on wheels was premièred in the US in Nov 6 th 2011 and is aired in the UK on Turner Classic Movies (TCM)
A Must See

also starring in the series-COMMON as Elam Furgason
1860s American Fashion
Vintage Fashion
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Antique Crystal glass Decanter

This is beautiful unusually patterned cut glass decanter, it caught my eye the instance i walked in to the store. With its circular moulds the decanter differs from the usual diamond cut crystal decanters. It is a little heavy and stands at 36 cm in height and 16 cm at its widest.

The stunning footed crystal decanter has no markings. The circular cut pattern reminds me of the Richard and Hartley Flint opalescent glass- some of his creations have similar circular patterns.

Richard and Hartley Opalescent Glass Ca 1888

Difference is- with the decanter-its circular moulds are random and different in sizes unlike the R&H which has perfect rows.

This lovely piece is from Jane’s Attic- a lovely little vintage Store in Woodstreet market in the charming Antiques City Market, Walthamstow London. She Sells beautiful shabby chic furniture, among many other things.

The Bletchley Circle

This period drama set in 1952 came on our screens towards the end of 2012. If you haven’t watched it, here is the plot- Four women who are ex-code breakers at Bletchley Park notice a pattern in several  murders that transpire.

Just like in every movies/drama, the police are clueless;  Further more they disregard the discoveries  presented to them by Susan Grey- (acted by Anna Maxwell Martin).  This lead to the women having to investigate the murders themselves to try and stop the murderer from killing again- causing a rift between Susan and her husband Timothy – (acted by Mark Dexter).

The Bletchley Circle is definitely a nail biting drama. I am hoping for a second series. You can catch- up on all the episodes of series one on ITV Player,

Retonthenet Vintage Purveyor

This is my latest vintage / antique store find-  stocking absolutely amazing items for us- vintage lifestyle lovers. Retonthenet Vintage Purveyors are an Antique and Vintage retail company that specialises in products dating from 1880s to 1980s.

If you have a passion for collecting good quality Antiques or Vintage items then Retonthenet are The go To on-line company.

You’ll find exquisitely unique items for your homes. For great ideas on Antique or Vintage interior Deco pieces or furnishings you are guaranteed to find something on Retonthenet .

Antique Late 19th century Brass Mirror ,
candle holder Rd 18th Nov 1883  Lion Crest

Vintage Silver plated Tray Sheffield England
Vintage Ships Wheel Wood & Brass
Gischard of Germany circa 1950s

They are widely known purveyors of vintage and Antique Gifts- Any birthdays, wedding celebrations coming up? Or looking for a Thank You Gift for a family member, friend, Partner or colleague,- Retonthenet stocks Rare items for that special person/s.

Opera Glasses circa 1900s

Vintage Original Gola Exercise Hold Bag circa 1970s

1950s Cufflinks

Apple Perfume Bottle 1970s

Whatever your tastes- vintage purveyors are sure to have something for you,; from Vintage cars, Pottery& Porcelain, Silver plated items, furniture. Just surf by http://www.retonthenet.co.uk/ and see for yourself.  Order on-line and they will post it to your address, They have great posting package deals- Free delivery for purchases over £50 and competitive postage prices.

All products are unique once sold you will not find another quite like it. So hurry up and grab a bargain at Retonthenet

Art Deco Feigl & Moraweitx Libochovice Glass Vase circa 1930s

The Old Artistry Launch Party

The Old Artistry launch event was held on the 15th June 2013 at the stores address in woodstreet market, Walthamstow. Champaign and Afternoon Tea, I have to stress on the scrumptious Tea Cakes- Ultimate indulgence.

I was very happy to receive an invite to the launch- from the lovely Lucy and it was a pleasure to join her fans in making this day happen as well as see her Art work up close- Refreshing.

The Launch:

The Old Artistry is a vintage/antiques goods boutique, where she also creates and sells her exhilarating Masterpieces. Lucy’s art work is what reels you in when passing the boutique. She describes her artwork as New age watercolours of tattoos or tattooed individuals, mainly Victorian- Lucy is drawn by how controversial the image comes across. Her talent is both extensible and adventurers.
Lucy’s passion for drawing started at a very young age, as she grow up her talent greatly excelled. When I asked her what inspires her when drawing, she articulated: “my inspiration derives from my love of tattoos which in mainstream living still has a stigma attached to it. I don’t think in my lifetime tattoos will ever be considered by the generic public as Art, but more of a lifestyle“. Lucy’s Concept is to take the aesthetic of  tattoos to a middle class audience and when framed and displayed- it will actually be seen as fine Art.
Lucy TrueLove- The Artist behind the Masterpieces
Ninety nine percent of Lucy’s art comes from imagination, as a clients you are able to commission her to create a bespoke Art works, Indian Crafted Paper of the highest quality, water colours pen and ink are her mediums. Other Art Materials can be used to match clients requirements to create high standard timeless pieces.
Portrait of Amy Wine House
Lucy’s Art has developed exceedingly over the years; after exploring so many mediums and subjects she is  pleased with her work and is still seeking new inspirations.
What does Lucy enjoy most about her work? she loves how she has been able to take a medium which is generally used to create waves of colourful watermarks and used it in the opposite way. The launch of The Old Artistry was a way of telling the world who The Old Artistry are, what they do, share their Beautiful Art with the world as well as celebrate its birth.
I asked Lucy what the future holds for The Old Artistry:– she envisages  the Vintage, Antique and Art Boutique- growing as a commercial outfit; they are currently designing a clothes brand to be sourced by British manufacturers, contributing in improving the British economy is a subject she is passionate about.
What does One do in their spare time? Socialising, Dinners and visiting Vintage cafes- she says. Lucy feels she should have been born in Italy, she loves their way of life, their food, and the people. I’m with her on that one. One of her life’s motto is stop, look around and appreciate the beauty around us. I believe so to.
Check out The Old Artistry

Hadrian’s Wall Wkend- stayed at Willowford B&B

Really enjoyed this trip to the Hadrian’s Wall– organised by a good friend of ours. Although it was still snowing like mad, it was a good idea to just get out of London and kill the winter blues. Sharing my Trips away is a decision i made just recently; my time was pre-occupied with blogging for a fashion Magazine, which was a pleasure, plans to embark on my vintage lifestyle blog was constantly being derailed.

Excitedly, here we are now. Hadrian’ wall was built by the Romans as a defence fortification around AD 122. It was built by emperor Hadrian- hence the name Hadrian’s Wall. Built through the wall were gates  which were also used as custom posts for trade and Taxes.

Quite a fair bit of the wall still remains today, people come from all over the world to see the wall. It is very popular with Hikers and walkers who challenge themselves by walking the 117 km (73 miles) over several days, as well as enjoying the history of the area.

I have been to quite a few Hikes over 3 year, and i list it as one of my favourites- in terms of terrain, landscapes and history. One of the famous land marks we got to see is the tree where a scene from the earliest Robin Hood movie was filmed.  The views were amazing as well even with the snow. I insist that everyone should visit, you will not be disappointed.

Scene from Robin Hood the Movie filmed here.

We took advantage of the bank holiday – (March 29th to 31st, 2013), Accommodation was at the Charming Willow Ford Farm in Cumbria, which was quite handy since it was situated very close to part of the wall. The Hadrian wall winds past the farm and down the Irthing valley towards Birdoswald Roman Fort. Rooms at the Willowford Farm are beautifully decorated and comfortable with underfloor heating for cold weather, and Skyline windows for the lovely sun to wonderfully stroke you in the early hours of the morning.  Served in the morning was a scrumptious organic breakfast- early enough especially since you want to start your walks early. (All the food served at the B&B is organic). You’ll get a very warm welcome from the ever-so-adorable resident Pets, snow ball the black and white cat and two border collie black and white dogs. I really do miss those little rascals as well as the trip.

Willow Ford Farm B&B

The Group will not forget the Kind hearted B&B owner picking us up after 11 miles of the hike, this was a result of us being over ambitious and trying to do 15 miles in 6 hours and as you can already guess – the challenge was not achieved and we didn’t want to miss Dinner :D. Also watch out for the lovely pets insisting on accompanying you to your walks. we tried all evasive maneuvers, tricking them and locking the gates behind them but they managed to wriggle their way through. At some point, we got scolded by a sheep owner for bringing “Our” pet dogs near his lambing sheep- hilarious since its not our blooming dog. We all were in fits of laugher.

Snow Ball from Willowford Farm B&B

One of the Border Collie from B&B

The B&B is also located near the willowford foot bridge– it is known that the bridge was airlifted into position in 1999 and has won a number of engineering and design awards and has appeared on the cover of ordnance survey L86 map. Day 3 of the hike we crossed this bridge, as well- we had the privilege of visiting Birdoswald Roman Fort– at birdoswald there’s a souvenir shop that also sells delicious liqueurs in different fruity flavour. Lyme Bay Wineries are the masters behind these delectable Liqueurs. I recommend the ginger flavour. You’ll be ordering them by the crates once you finish your first bottle.

Such an amazing weekend trip it was that one of the group members decided to stay one more day.

If you do decide to check out Hadrian’s Wall I recommend the Willow Ford Farm. Book in advance since it does get full.

Photos by: JiJJy’s Maison