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Thank you for visiting my blog. I am an animal loving, nature loving, vintage luxury and handcrafts loving, vegetarian girl- living in London.

My friends describe me as a fun-loving, positive, cheeky girl, who adores dancing and making them handmade gifts that include interior deco pieces, soft furnishings among other goodies.

I started Jijjy’s Maison Blog in 2011 to share all my vintage / antiquey finds and handcrafts. Along the way I decided to go and study finance i.e achieve a good earning career. However, with a little nudge from my lovely family and friends, I am back doing what I love most.

Apart from just the pretty items and nostalgia of vintage / shabby chic / antique, this is my opportunity to demonstrate my support for recycling and protecting our environment in a beautiful and fun manner.

On my come back, Jijjy’s Maison blog now comprises of me sharing my journey exploring vintage and antique world further, as well as contemporary interior design pieces, style and trends. I am excited to share my antique and vintage finds along with my  handcrafts.

Hoping that I can inspire you whatever your passions are.

Contact: jijjysmaison@gmail.com



6 thoughts on “About

    • JIJJY'S MAISON says:

      you are blessed to be able to do a #selfbuild. Still it is a beautiful challenge. With all the talent available , 😀 the challenge willl be to choose an #interior designer or which #interiorpieces to use for your love home. Let me know if you need anything…!!!


  1. Regina says:

    Lovely blog. Thank you soo much for my personalised cushion and blanket for my precious little one. They are really special pieces that I intend to keep for her for a very long time. Keep doing what you are doing. I love it xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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